Product Support

For thirty years, we have been dedicated to developing, building and supporting high quality and robust tools to help diagnose lead poisoning.  Supporting our customers, and the patients who depend on them, is at the heart of our business.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 29″ (w) x 25″ (d) x 20″ (h)
Weight Approximately 34 lbs
Sample volume 50 μL
Sample type Capillary whole blood (EDTA or Heparin)
Sample stability 72 hours (post-draw)
Analytical range 1.9 – 65 µg/dL
Sample analysis time 3 minutes
Sample throughput Up to 90 samples/hr
Test method Electrochemical with disposable sensors
Quality control  Two levels, room temperature stable (included in test kit)
Calibration Electronic calibration
Certifications CE, ETL
FDA 510(k) number K123563
† The rate at which samples can be analyzed. Measured as samples per hour (excludes sample preparation).


Analyzer Components

A complete, benchtop system: Equipment to Software

  • Full workstation with a small footprint
  • Graphing and reporting capability for easy data tracking and trending
  • 6 channel analyzer
  • Barcode reader
  • LIS compatibility

Test Kit Components

Ready to use reagents, controls and calibration for 192 tests

  • 192 sensors: 8 vials of 24 sensors each
  • 192 tubes of treatment reagent
  • One electronic calibration button
  • Two levels of quality control
  • Stability: 12 months (room temperature)

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