Product Support

For thirty years, we have been dedicated to developing, building and supporting high quality and robust tools to help diagnose lead poisoning.  Supporting our customers, and the patients who depend on them, is at the heart of our business.

Parts & Service

The following items can be ordered by contacting our friendly Customer Service department at 800-959-5095:

Item Description Item Number
LeadCare Plus Analyzer Kit

The LeadCare Plus Analyzer Kit consists of the portable blood-lead testing instrument, power cord, AA batteries, and User’s Guide (English).

LeadCare Plus Test Kit

The LeadCare Plus Test Kit contains materials to perform 96 tests. The kit consists of 96 sensors, 96 tubes of treatment reagent, 2 levels of quality control, and a calibration button.

LeadCare Plus Data Management System (DMS)

The LeadCare Plus Data Management System allows the collection, storage, sorting, and printing of results and facilitates the transmission of results to an LIS/EMR system using an HL7 interface.


Each new analyzer is covered under a 12-month Manufacturer’s Warranty that begins from the date of purchase.

To inquire about Service Outside of Warranty, contact Product Support at (800) 275-0102 or email us at