Product Support

For thirty years, we have been dedicated to developing, building and supporting high quality and robust tools to help diagnose lead poisoning.  Supporting our customers, and the patients who depend on them, is at the heart of our business.

Technical Service Information

To contact Product Support, call (800) 275-0102 or email Product Support Specialists are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (EST) for you to:

  • Request technical assistance
  • Request product and procedure training
  • Report a problem
  • Return products

Please contact our Customer Service Department directly at (800) 959-5095 to:

  • Place an order
  • Track a shipment
  • Determine availability
  • Check on installation

Preparing for a Technical Service Call

Before you make a technical service call, be sure to obtain the following information, as appropriate, to submit with your request or question:

  • Serial number of the analyzer
  • Test kit lot number
  • The name and contact telephone number of the person who asked the question or detected the problem. This allows us to contact the person if we need more information, and to notify the person when an answer or correction is ready. If limited hours of contact are available, please include suggested contact times
  • The date and time the problem was detected. This is not required for a simple question, but may be important in the case of a problem report
  • A question or description of the problem. When reporting a problem, the description should include: (a) What happened, (b) the sensor lot number in use, (c) if you have had problem before.
  • Steps to reproduce the problem. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Not having this information may mean that the problem cannot be corrected. It allows us to detect and reproduce the problem so that we can (a) determine which product versions are affected, (b) identify the problem and find its cause, and (c) verify that the problem is actually corrected when the correction work is done
  • The date of the installation. How long has the system been installed? Has the software been updated?
  • You should include any other information that you think is important
  • If you are submitting the request by fax, please write the information LEGIBLY in dark ink on light paper, or type it. Do not use yellow pad paper or a pencil because the fax may not be legible when we receive it
  • If you are reporting a problem that you have experienced before, please have your case number available