L.L. Bean Children's Water Bottle

February 20, 2017

L.L. Bean has issued a recall for five styles of a kids’ insulated water bottles after lead was detected by the manufacturer in the items. About 6,700 bottles were sold. Some of the water bottles were erroneously sealed on the bottom with a solder bead containing lead instead of the lead-free solder bead.

Remedy: For your child’s safety, immediately stop using the water bottle and return the bottle to L.L.Bean. Exposure to lead can severely impact mental and physical development in young children and cause serious health problems in adults.

Consumer Contact: Anyone with the item, with the identification number 297684 printed on the bottom of the bottle, is being asked to contact L.L. Bean to return the bottle and receive a full refund.

To view more details on this recall, click here.

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