Cra-Z-Art Toys

February 20, 2017

New York State’s Attorney General has opened an investigation into how the Cra-Z-Art toys was being sold at Target, Kmart and Toys “R” Us despite high levels of lead. The product is also sold on Amazon and at Walmart. The Attorney General has asked all retailers to stop selling the product, and has asked for more information on their safety and testing procedures for toys.

Some Cra-Z-Art kits contained over 10 times the allowable lead level according to federal child safety standards. The Attorney General’s office is investigating multiple jewlery-making sets from the brand which were produced in China and being sold in New York. The tested products were purchased in October, November and February.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has opened an investigation into the products as well. Only the CPSC, not the New York Attorney General, has the power to issue a nationwide product recall.

Cra-Z-Art brand has said that they were unaware of the investigation and that all of their products “conform to all regulatory standards.”

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