Anhing Corporation ABC Shaped Cookies

February 20, 2017

The California Department of Public Health notified the Anhing corporation that their ABC cookies contained elevated levels of lead, above what is considered acceptable by California state policy.  The contaminated cookies had 13 ppm of lead per serving size.  The Anhing corporation is voluntarily recalling all ABC cookies.

The ABC Cookies Banh Chu is made in Vietnam and comes in a plastic jar with a cat’s face on it.  The retailers who had already received a shipment of these cookies were notified and instructed not to sell the cookies.  The rest of the supply will not be shipped.

Remedy: The Anhing corporation has asked that consumers return the cookies to the place of purchase.  The FDA has suggested that pregnant women and parents consult their health care provider to decide if a test for lead or other medical testing is appropriate.

Consumer Contact: The Anhing Corporation at (323) 221-8003 or

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